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EKP product application architecture consists FOUR platforms and over 100 functions in ONE platform solution.

01 Software Development Platform

Over 300 development parts for quick no-code application development; Open Source; Visible

02 System Services Monitoring Platform

System environment & health checking; Real time monitoring; Analysis & Reports

03 Core Services Platform

consists Various Powerful Engines, Tools and Methodologies

04 Mobile Platform

synchronizes EKP system hierarchy, Mobility of EKP standard functions, WeChat & WhatsApp like in-house instance messenger


EKP is composed of Data Processing Layer, Common Component Layer, System Service Layer, Application Layer, Presentation Layer and Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)​


Data Processing Layer

Responsible for saving unstructured data (e.g. documents), structured data (e.g. business data), system user account and organizational master information in mainstream LDAP directory servers.

Common Component Layer 

Provides various common and architectural components to the system infrastructure in a plug-in mode, and then deal with various service requests from Service Layer, such as metadata management, time-scheduled system tasks, cluster support, data cache processing, etc.



System Service Layer

Provides packaged public services. The service layer has two layers - the bottom layer is the more common core services, group application services and integration services. Based on bottom layer services, the upper layer deals with more specific methods, such as knowledge management methods (Comment, Recommendation, Reading, Subscription, etc.)


Application Layer

The application layer mainly includes Application Services to perform various requested application functionalities. It uses Data Transfer Objects to get data from and return data to the presentation or distributed service layer.


Presentation Layer

Responsible for centralized web page & UI presentation, providing a proper interface for system and user interaction. To Fit in the characteristics of various terminals, Presentation Layer can generate an enterprise portal suitable for PC browser, KK mobile portal suitable for smartphone/tablet use, or even a direct access to the mobile portal through WeChat public account.


Enterprise Service Bus

Provide a consistent calling method to ensure the normal call and information exchange of system Service Layer. The service bus also provides the system's external services for heterogeneous system calls; and also integrates the commonly used cloud services, such as: Webex, Office365 , Workday, Evernote, etc.


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