Home Office / Work from Home

遠程 / 家居工作

At times of chaos and severe social disruption, well prepared corporations could have plenty alternatives, one of them is to allow their staff to “work from home”


很多企業在不停工但又能保障顧員的情況下 會選擇讓顧員在家遠程工作

For those less prepared, may find it difficult to implement or manage without sacrificing productivity





​Landray EKP System

being the cutting edge professional mobile collaboration platform system offers the most comprehensive mobile collaboration solution. It allows all staffs whether travelling on a business trip or work at home to perform their duties over the system service desk or their mobile devices

專業移動辦公系統, 為企業提供全面移動辦公平台方案,  協助企業員工不管是出差在外, 又或家居工作時, 都可以隨時隨地通過桌面 / APP處理日常工作事務  

Enterprise-Level-Designated App

企業級專屬 APP

Providing designated app to enable corporate to handle their activities over the enclosed environment of a corporate portal via cloud or on premises setup under enterprise grade security

為企業提供專屬APP支持移動辦公, 所有數據均可儲放在企業內部/私有雲服務器上, 確保數據安全




Enables all works to visualize, automatically collaborate and streamline the processes. It helps your teams to concentrate on working together to achieve faster and getting results more efficiently

支持將各項工作按負責人,時間或其他原素去細分, 令負責人更清楚各項目, 提供員工間協同力及效率




Commercial agreement full cycle management for on-line editing, approval, alert, execution and settlement


Corporate In-house

Instant Messenger


Corporate level IM platform allows all staff to communicate with each other in a designated corporate platform, to ensure timely and efficient communication within the corporate security  environment

企業專屬IM平台, 對話內容數據全保存在企業內部服務器上, 所有員工賑戶均可直接由AD同步, 當選到突發事件可以即時通報通知所有員工

Attendance &

Time Sheet


App features attendance and time sheet reporting functions. All information and progress can update and sync to the HR systems through APIs. This further enables the mobility of the work force including those who may be working at home


持APP簽到及報工時功能, 數據可直接更新回HR系統, 為實現移動/在家辦公提供基礎支持




Sophisticated project management functions to assign tasks, coordinate resources and through other functions of the EKP system enables the team to collaborate and observe schedules and deadlines​


專業的項目管理功能, 把項目中各項的明細工作分拆, 再配合 EKP 已有的其他管理功能令員工清楚工作內容及時間要求




Sophisticated workflow engine allows to design & setup various complicated and demanding workflows, which ensures the right works handover to the right position  and executes efficiently


強大工作流引擎, 可"0"代碼設計、設置各類型複雜流程, 確保各項工作按要求推送至適當人員去跟進處理

Files & information management


EKP enterprise level file management function ensures documents, knowledge and information can be retrieved or called for use effortlessly whenever it is needed

如何開放及控制文檔讓員工在外閱讀下載是企業一個重要考慮點, EKP 支持企業級文檔管理功能, 為此提供一個強大的支持

Work Review



Provides a clear overview to management for all levels of work. Tracks progress, costs and stages of completion at a glance with brilliantly designed dash-boards

當員工在不同地點辦公, 各項工作總結將是一個必須及重要的管理功能, 確保各項工作按計劃完成

Landray EKP is a smart platform so versatile that it allows data exchange with the email systems, ERP systems, financial systems and HR systems [most major brands], preventing information isolation issues, so that employees can use a signal sign on portal to operate the entire company's systems and stay connected to all important information without having to jumping in & out of many systems.

EKP系統更可與企業內現使用各類型系統進行數據交換對接, 當中包括電郵系統, ERP系統, 財務系統及HR 系統, 打破信息弧島問題, 使員工即使身處在外時, 仍可以接收到公司各系統數據並保持連接, 以獲取各項重要資料  

More & More enterprises are using Landray EKP

更多企業已在使用 藍凌EKP


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