MCS Solution

Medical Center Solution

Complete Clinical Processing Management System

Medical Center Solution

Clinical Power

Clinical services with power of workflow engine

Support comprehensive clinical services

Closely touch with your clients by PCs & Mobile APPs services

360° patient historical record

Detachable clinic service modules, and ready for further developments


Shorten patient waiting time

  • Allows center staff an overview on medical center resources by each service queue to reasonably and efficiently arranges patients to receive services.


Automation through Info-push & task-push

  • MCS embeds various control and alert mechanisms of WORKFLOW to ensure daily works are processed in ORDER.

  • “Info-push” & “Task-push” feature provides outstanding “To-Read” & “To-Do” list to center staffs to achieve ‘ZERO Missing’ of operation tasks.


Multiple service layers

  • FOUR levels of service layer design to serve Business, Income Side, Cost Side & Inventory efficiently

Extend the professional services outside the medical center

  • Apps helps a closer touch with patients by different reminder and assistance. Patients may have more insight on their health status outside the clinic.


Patient 360 information to healthcare professionals

  • MCS facilitates healthcare professionals to have a complete medical historical record of patient by one click, so reach the right information at the right time

Traceable , Systematical  and High System Security

  • Take care of those tedious administration work and improve communication efficiency among the center staffs  (e.g. in house Instant Message Tool)

  • Patient historical medical information from different sources (e.g. lab, instant massage, etc ) will be gathered just like a folder and recorded with encryption based on HL7 Security Standard . The system allows the experience and knowledge of each center staff inherited.


Insight of medical center

  • Reports will be generated regularly. Apart from the insight of operation, it can also spot out ‘unusual’ situation so as to provide pro-active action

Power of Workflow Engine - Medical Center Solution: Health Screening; Consultation; Consumables Management; Charting & Reports; Mobility & Instant Message; Appointment Management; Billing System; Patient 360; Lab Processing Management; Drugs & Consumable Management