MCS Solution

Medical Centre Solution

Complete Clinical Processing Management System

Clinical Power

Clinical services with power of workflow engine

Support comprehensive clinical services

Closely touch with your clients by PCs & Mobile APPs services

360° patient historical record

Detachable clinic service modules, and ready for further developments

Shorten patient waiting time

  • Allows center staff an overview on medical center resources by each service queue to reasonably and efficiently arranges patients to receive services.


Automation through Info-push & task-push

  • MCS embeds various control and alert mechanisms of WORKFLOW to ensure daily works are processed in ORDER.

  • “Info-push” & “Task-push” feature provides outstanding “To-Read” & “To-Do” list to center staffs to achieve ‘ZERO Missing’ of operation tasks.


Multiple service layers

  • FOUR levels of service layer design to serve Business, Income Side, Cost Side & Inventory efficiently

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Extend the professional services outside the medical center

  • Apps helps a closer touch with patients by different reminder and assistance. Patients may have more insight on their health status outside the clinic.


Patient 360 information to healthcare professionals

  • MCS facilitates healthcare professionals to have a complete medical historical record of patient by one click, so reach the right information at the right time

Traceable , Systematical  and High System Security

  • Take care of those tedious administration work and improve communication efficiency among the center staffs  (e.g. in house Instant Message Tool)

  • Patient historical medical information from different sources (e.g. lab, instant massage, etc ) will be gathered just like a folder and recorded with encryption based on HL7 Security Standard . The system allows the experience and knowledge of each center staff inherited.


Insight of medical center

  • Reports will be generated regularly. Apart from the insight of operation, it can also spot out ‘unusual’ situation so as to provide pro-active action

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